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 Mariya Dmytriv  MD, MPH 

Dr. Dmytriv’s extensive clinical and public health experience derives from years of practicing medicine in unique and enriching environments ranging from the highly academic setting of the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine to extremely rural and underserved areas in the US and abroad. Highlights of Dr. Dmytriv’s career include publications in national journals, presentations at national and regional conferences, founding and operating a not-for-profit Women's Health Clinic, a graduate degree in Public Health from Northwestern Universitys Feinberg School of Medicine, and serving as Chief Resident in her residency program. To view Dr. Dmytriv’s Curriculum Vitae click here. 

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Peggy J. Wang, MD
Dr. Wang's clinical interests are: sports related injuries, womens health, evidence-based medicine, and use of modern technology in outpatient medicine. Dr. Wang is as commited to solving complex issues as she is to providing outstanding holistic care. Well known for her interpersonal skills and compassion, Dr. Wang garnered quite a wealth of experience before becoming a physician. Highlights of her career include a biomedical engeenering degree from MIT as well as an MD from Northwestern School of Medicine.
In addition to research work on breast cancer, volunteer work at the Cook County Correctional Facility, Chief Resident position at the University of Chicago Family Medicine Residency Program, and President and Board Member of the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians. On her days off you can meet Dr. Wang jogging along the lake shore, preparing for her next marathon.

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